Our mission is to change the way the world accounts for value. 

Welcome to our new and improved Global Value Exchange (GVE) an online database that supports the social value community through the collection and sharing of outcomes, indicators, and financial valuations. 

Thanks to our members, GVE is completely free, accessible and user-friendly no matter where you are at on your social value journey. It will help you to design a project, measure the impact, value the impact and report on it.  

Having good quality, free data will support you to write better social value reports, improving your level of practice. This database draws on multiple sources and multiple techniques and draws on the expert knowledge and experience of the Social Value UK membership. It includes data from SVUK’s Quality Assured Reports.  

GVE is guided by the Principles of Social Value: The approach to social value practice promoted by SVUK and SVI.  

GVE is a trusted source of information supported by the members of Social Value UK. We are on a mission to help to change the way society accounts for value.

The data provided in this database is freely available for use; however, it has not undergone any quality assurance processes. Users are strongly encouraged to seek guidance on how to properly utilize this data by consulting with an SVI Accredited Practitioner, by accessing our training or mentoring, or through consulting our free guidance and resources. The data is sourced from a variety of sources, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Proper skills and knowledge are essential for effective and appropriate use of the data. Please verify all information with a qualified professional or through our training programs.